Dry Old Wood Texture

October 2, 2011

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Real life examples

Textured letter
Dry Old Wood Texture printed on t-shirt
Textured shape
logo presentation
logo presentation
iphone wallpaper



  • sinisa

    Dear Tomek,

    we would like to use this texture for our pc-game.



  • Tomasz Grabowiecki

    Feel Free. Publish some results, we can’t wait to see how our texture looks in real works 🙂

  • William

    Thanks, great!

  • Carolina

    Hi, can I use this texture for a book cover? x)

    I’ll post later here the result.

    • Tomasz Grabowiecki


      Yes you can 🙂 Please share how it will end up.


  • Aga

    Witam 🙂 Czy byłaby możliwość użycia zdjęcia przy przygotowaniu mojej strony www? (tło, bądz inny element dekoracyjny). Swoją drogą WIELKIE gratulacje, bo zdjecie naprawde super :)! Pozdrawiam !!!

    • Tomasz Grabowiecki

      Hej 🙂 Oczywiście, możesz używać tekstur w swoich projektach www 🙂

  • Jankó Mihály


    Can we youse your image for a catalogue cover, it will look really really nice with it 🙂

    Thx in advance!


    • Tomasz Grabowiecki

      Yes, naturaly you can! 🙂

  • Erin

    Hi, I’d like to use this texture for a map illustration. Would that be ok?

    • Tomasz Grabowiecki

      That would be perfect. Share some screens when you get it done 🙂

  • LT

    Can I use on a website I’m building for myself?

    • Tomasz Grabowiecki

      Hi Lawrence!
      Read Terms of Use, it says yes! 🙂

  • Krystian

    Witaj. Czy mógłbym użyć tej tekstury przy mojej stronie internetowej, którą robie dla taty?

    • Tomasz Grabowiecki

      Jasne 🙂

  • I would like to use this for a project on which I am working. Book cover, web, etc.

    Is that be ok?

    SOEG Creative

    • Tomasz Grabowiecki

      Hi Jeff

      Yes, feel free to use those textures in your projects 🙂

  • Hi, just wanted to thank you for the awesome texture, I used it for a website I designed!

    Mikes HHS

  • Tommy


    I just wanted to say thank you for this high quality texture, when i’m done i’ll send you the product :). It will be a Blender 3D render.

  • Hi, I’d like to use this texture as a background for some kids knock knock jokes for my newspaper’s kids pages–my idea for theme is “Knock on wood.” Do you mind?

    • Tomasz Grabowiecki

      I’d be happy if you would like to use it 🙂

  • Hi,
    Is there possibility to use this photo as a background of a cooking book cover. I am not sure it’s going to happen but I wish to make a layout based on it.
    Thanks in advance.
    Best regards,

    • Tomasz Grabowiecki

      Yes, it’s free. Share results, I’m about to start “inspiration” section. 🙂

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  • Witam, czy możemy użyć Twojej tekstury do przygotowania projektu zaproszeń?

    • Tomasz Grabowiecki

      A będę zaproszony? 😉

      Oczywiście że możecie! Pozdrawiam, Tomek.

  • Dzięki 🙂 Niestety nie mamy wpływu na to kogo Młodzi zaporszą 😉

    • Tomasz Grabowiecki

      Pochwalcie się efektem jak skończycie 🙂

  • mleise

    I googled for “old wood” since I planned to have some old wood style background on the title screen of my holidays in the south-western USA and this showed up. I think this is the prototypical old wood texture and fits the bill. Nice shot.
    By the way I’m using Opera since version 6 and liked most of the innovations up to Opera 11. The white-board and media share add-on were really awesome.

  • Jesse Hale

    Hi! Thank you for sharing this texture! I’d like to use this texture for a clothing website. I will share the results once finished.

  • Sewon

    HI this is a great texture, I will be using it on a banner design… is that okay?

    • Tomasz Grabowiecki

      Don’t ask me, just do it 🙂

  • Thomas

    a ja również ? 🙂

    • Tomasz Grabowiecki

      Jak wszyscy, to wszyscy 🙂

  • Hi,
    Could I use this image on my graduation cards?


    • Tomasz Grabowiecki

      Yes. You are welcome!

  • Hi,

    I would like to use this texture in a school project for a free to play game.
    Any restrictions I should keep in mind?

    Best regards and thanks in advance.

    • Tomasz Grabowiecki

      Go on, no restrictions 🙂

  • Can I use your wood texture for a festival t-shirt design please! I will post the end result.

    • Tomasz Grabowiecki

      Yes. Go, do it ☺

  • Lalita Guenther

    I would love to use your texture for a video I’m working on. No guarantee it’ll get used as final product, but I’m working with stuff and wanna see what the boss says.

    • Tomasz Grabowiecki

      No worries Lalita 🙂 Go on!

  • Andy

    Hi I would like to use this texture to print for commercial use. Is this possible?

  • Toru Murasaki

    I would like to use this texture for a my personal movie . I will not use this texture for commercial use.
    Would you like?

    • Tomasz Grabowiecki

      Yes, You are welcome to use all textures from this website, also commercially. 🙂

  • Toru Murasaki

    Thank you very mach.

  • Raudel Flores

    I wanted to ask if I could also get permission to use this for a cover art that I’m working on. There’s no sure guarantee that It’ll be used in the final product though. Thanks!

    • Tomasz Grabowiecki

      You got the permission Raudel 🙂

  • kirk mcbeth

    hi mi names kirk, me and my sister will soon be starting a business and i think this would look great on our website? just wondering if i can have permission to use it?

    • Tomasz Grabowiecki

      Kirk, feel free to take the texture! 🙂

  • Hi Tomasz!

    I was looking for a texture like this for the poster of a car club event, the Clube Pandista Português, and concerning the Magusto celebration.

    Is it ok to use it?

    Thanks a lot! 🙂

    • Tomasz Grabowiecki

      Hey Pedro,

      you can use it, don’t forget to show the final design! 🙂

  • Oscar


    Can I use this texture for a school project?

    • Tomasz Grabowiecki

      Yes Oscar, you can 🙂

  • Amy

    Can I use this as a background for a pintrest photo?

    • Tomasz Grabowiecki

      Amy, go on, no problem 🙂

  • Kat

    Hello Thomasz,

    I like this picture. May I try this pcture to in my business card?

    Kind regards

    • Tomasz Grabowiecki

      Hey Kat,

      you can use it in whatever project you do 🙂

  • kasper Lund

    Hi Tomasz !

    Nice picture !!

    Can ik use it for my dads website?


    • Tomasz Grabowiecki

      However you want, you can use it 🙂

  • Dear Tomasz,

    I love the texture and the image overall. I really like that the wooden panels are horizontal. I am designing a card, and I would like your permission to use this image for it. And I’ll also be sure to share with you the final design as well. Thank you!


    • Tomasz Grabowiecki

      Absolutely! 🙂 Go ahead!

  • Great image. I’d like to use it as background for my site, please?

    • Tomasz Grabowiecki

      Of course you can Flip.

  • Hallo, we would like to use this picture for a package background and site.

    • Tomasz Grabowiecki

      Go ahead Alex, No problem…

  • Tradycyjne pytanko. Czy mogę użyć do tła na swoją stronkę to piękne zdjęcie?

    • Tomasz Grabowiecki

      Cześć Dorota

      Jasne, nie ma problemu. 🙂 Dziwię się, że tyle osób pyta o tę właśnie teksturę.
      Wszystkie są na tych samych zasadach – brać, nie pytać 😉


  • Sheiraa

    Hello, I can use your texture for my game ?
    Thanks 🙂

    • Tomasz Grabowiecki

      Hey Sheiraa,

      sorry for long time i didn’t answer. Of course you can use this, and any of textures from this website to your game 🙂

  • hey love the texture, I would love to put it on the back of my business cards.

    • Tomasz Grabowiecki

      Go ahead keith 🙂

  • Vakeel Namsot

    Hi. Can I use this

    • Tomasz Grabowiecki

      Hi. Yes 🙂

  • Thank for that dude 🙂

  • Frogalin

    Hi, I would like to use this texture to make a skin for a CS:GO gun.


  • Lucila

    Great picture, thanks! 🙂

  • Hi,

    can we use this nice texture on our website?

    Best regards
    Maria Svensson, SS Foto

  • gobro

    hi ill use this for my workout blog you ok with that?

    I read the Terms and conditions so i know i can but i still
    want to know from you 😉

  • Hello. Can I use this picture to present my work on creativemarket? I need it like a background for my gift cards. I will sell only my patterns what i made myself from this cards. This Background I will use only for demonstration?

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  • Kathy Nichelson

    Hello. May I use this wood texture graphic for a fundraising flyer?

    • Tomasz Grabowiecki

      Yes Kathy, they are free 🙂